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Welcome Staff Back to Work with Corporate Gifting

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Daniel Freshwater
Welcome Staff Back to Work with Corporate Gifting

With everyone emerging from lock down and to work across Melbourne and Sydney this week, many bosses are wondering how to welcome back employees. For some, it’s been months since they’ve seen their workplace in person. So, how can you say,“welcome back” and boost morale? By giving out Impressm corporate gift packs, of course!

In a recent study of 300 corporate gift buyers, over 80% said gifts improved their relationship with their employees, with 41% seeing improved employee retention. Corporate gifts are a simple way to make sure everyone feels appreciated and keep staff onboard for the holiday season.

If your employees have stuck with you over the last eighteen months, then it’s time to say, “thank you” and “welcome back team!” Let’s explore the details.

Send Employee Gifts In-Office and Remote

Many employees will be heading back to the physical office or workplace in some capacity in the coming weeks and months, but if you’ve still got employees working from home, don’t worry! You can send Impressm gift packs anywhere, including home addresses, interstate, and even overseas. In fact, every single one of your Impressm packs can be sent somewhere different.

The beauty of being able to send corporate gifts to the office, the work site, home addresses, and anywhere in-between is that all your staff can be treated equally with a gift. No one misses out, and everyone enjoys the same employee experience as part of one team.

Give Everyone the Swag Effect

Corporate gifts are a great way to boost team spirit, especially if you add your logo to products. Who doesn’t love wearing corporate merch and feeling like they’re part of the team? We call it the Swag Effect and it's a great way to create a unified work culture. Even tech giants like Apple give interns promotional merch for this very reason.

Now, after eighteen months of disruptions, businesses need the Swag Effect more than ever, which is why Impressm lets you customise your gift boxes. Our personalised packs make it easy to add your logo or word mark to stylish goods like Moleskine notebooks, ceramic keep cups, and even Fruit of the Loom polo shirts.

From there, you can build out the perfect welcome back swag kit with things like Koko Black chocolate, Ink Gin + Cocktail kits or Bose headphones. Add a personalised message to the box and we handle the rest!

Don’t be like Anyone Else

The best part of welcome back gifting with Impressm? You won’t be like any other company out there. Since you build and customise your Impressm pack yourself, your style of corporate gifting is entirely your own, and customised to suit your work culture.

At the end of the day, gifting is all about sharing an affinity between two parties, and gifts that show how much you have in common always go down well. By customising your corporate gifts to your workplace, you not only give a unique gift, but you show the recipient what’s unique about your organisation.

For example, if your workplace culture runs on morning coffee and evening drinks, then a customised mug and Ink Gin + Cocktail kit is going to be well received. Alternatively, if your team loves sports, or you have a corporate team activity coming up, you can add a Falcon Cap, customised T-Shirt, and an Auto Lock Tritan Sports Bottle to the pack.

Corporate Gifting, Redefined

Impressm makes corporate gifting easy. All you need to do is pick the contents, upload your logo and/or add a personalised message, and we’ll do the rest. We can even store and send your gift packs on demand! 

Can’t decide what to choose? We can help. The Impressm team are experts building packs that enhance your corporate culture. We can help you build the perfect pack for your business.

Build your cultural momentum through the power of gifting. Start building your pack today or contact our team to learn more.

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