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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get samples?

Yes. There are two options:

1. Impressm Branded Sample - We provide a branded sample pack free of charge. This can be sent as soon as you request it meaning you have a good guide of the product and print quality in a few days.
2. Unbranded Samples – If you’re looking to assess specific products, we can supply unbranded samples of most items in our range.

‍Please note this does not apply to some items, particularly custom itemswe source from you.

How sustainable is Impressm?

Sustainability is a key area of focus us, we’re working on a more comprehensive offering – stay tuned! For what we offer right now:

All products in our standard range are tested for quality to ensure they are worth keeping and won’t instantly end up in landfill.  

We partner with a mix of suppliers including many with a keen focus on sustainability and environment. This allows us to offer an eco-range of products for customers. 

We also work with carbon-offset couriers to offset our delivery footprint.

How long does it take?

Two weeks is a good guide for how long it will take. As we work with a wide range of suppliers this can vary for specific products, particularly in busy periods like the end of year holidays. If you have a specific timeframe make sure to let us know.

How does Impressm handle Privacy?

We are conscious that any data provided to us must be kept secure and only be used for the delivery of our services. We only collect personal data as required to enable the shipping of our products. Data is only ever used for shipping, as agreed with our customers, and stored securely. We also remove data from our systems when no longer relevant.


How does Ordering work?

Simply start building a pack and submit an order request to us. Once the request is submitted, our team will get to work on creating mock-ups with you brand to get back to you for approval.

Can I order items in bulk instead of in a package?

Yes – we’re happy to supply products in packs or in bulk.

How do I select the right box size?

You don’t need to worry about this - we size the box to fit all the products you order.

How does sizing work for clothing?

Sizing can be a challenge – we can work with you to collect sizes from known recipients, otherwise we generally recommendthe following splits with sizing:
- XS: 4%
- S: 15%
- M: 30%
 - L: 25%
- XL: 15%
- XXL: 6%

Is there a minimum order size?

Generally speaking, 25 is the minimum order size for most of our range.  We can do smaller orders in some cases, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a specific requirement.

Can I order unbranded products?

Yes – just let us know when reviewing the mock-ups.


Can I get a design to see how our brand would look on the products?

Yep – we do this free of charge. Simply submit your order request and we’ll come back to you within one business day with branded mock-ups.

Can we design the items?

Definitely! If you have a designer on the team who’ll be involved just let us know. We can provide print specs and line drawings to assist.

What is a vector file?

A vector file is a scalable image format. They’re generally a requirement in the print world to ensure the print is high quality. 

Whilst we can provide mock-ups without a vector file, we will need one to print. We can assist with creating a vector file if you don’t have one.


Can you store packs for us and send as required?

Yes – this is a core part of our service. There’s a one-off $5 cost per pack which covers 12 months storage.

How much does storage cost?

There’s a one-off $5/fee which covers 12 months storage.

Can we send you items we already have?

Yep! We’ll work with you on this. If we're adding your items to packs, the first item is even free of charge. We add a slight packing fee per items if there's multiple items you're looking for us to add.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. We can ship to most countries internationally, but please note that the price will depend on location and weight of the merch being sent.

How much does it cost to ship?

Australian Metro - $12.50.
Australian Rural - $24.00.
International Sends - price varies.

How quick can packs be shipped?

Once we have your packs in-stock, we aim to despatch the same day a request comes through.

Whilst things can slow down due to demand (like pre-Christmas), or significant weather events, generally packs take 1-3 days to arrive in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT and 3-7 days for TAS, SA, WA, NT.

What happens if packs are returned?

We work with you to find the correct details. Please note that a re-send does incur an additional postage cost.

What about customs fees?

Individual countries and their local authority are subject to change.  Import taxes and fees are completely out of our control and must be paid by the recipient so we recommend contacting your local customs office to check if taxes apply and how much they may be.

What happens if the recipient isn’t home?

Most our shipments are sent as Authority to Leave (ATL). If there’s a safe place the courier will leave the products there. If there’s no safe place, say an apartment building lobby, the courier will leave a card and take the delivery to a nearby store for pick-up within five business days.

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