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The Impressm Platform

Your company culture in a box

We've just upgraded corporate gifting.

Impressm let’s you select and distribute quality gifts to your teams and clients at the click of a mouse.

The old way

Time wasted finding the right products.
Large minimum orders.
A marketing cupboard raided by everyone.
Losing track of inventory.
Begging for help to put the packs together.

The Impressm way

Employee gifts and swag sourced, designed, warehoused and sent for you.
No minimum quantities, no storage requirements.
Stylish gifts that employees and stakeholders genuinely appreciate.
Value for money and custom branding that goes down well in the boardroom.
Fast and easy gifting!

Start Building a Pack

How our platform works

Select your Merch

Simply select browse our online builder and select your preferred merch. Add any additional information or questions you have for us.

Want to make it personal? Add a branded card and your logo for a lasting impression.


Approve the Design

No need for a design team - once you've submitted a request, we'll provide mock-ups for your approval within one business day.

Confirm your Order

With the perfect merch selected and designs approved, confirm the order and leave the rest to us!


Warehouse or Send

Once produced, we can send the merch to a single location (e.g. your office), or out directly to recipients (such as your clients and staff).

We also offer the ability to store merch and packs in our warehouse to be and sent on-demand.

Impress your staff and Customers

Delight your clients and colleagues with the delivery of quality swag. Welcome new staff with first day onboarding packs, or celebrate a key date with your customer.

Impressm provides real time updates into the send status so you can track the delivery.


Supercharge your cultural momentum with Impressm.

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