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The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Employees

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Daniel Freshwater
The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Employees


Finding the perfect gift for your employees can be a daunting task, especially when considering factors such as personal preferences and budgets. However, selecting the right gifts plays an essential role in fostering positive relationships and enhancing workplace morale.

Key Takeaways

  • Employee gifts play a significant role in boosting workplace morale and fostering positive relationships between employers and employees.
  • When choosing the best gifts for employees, factors such as budget, employee preferences, cultural sensitivity, and occasion or timing need to be balanced.
  • Great gift ideas for employees include personalised items, technology gadgets, health and wellness products, desk accessories, food and beverage gifts or team-building experiences – there's something for everyone!
  • Regardless of your budget or circumstances - whether it's remote workers or office staff – showing appreciation with thoughtful gestures like handwritten notes can go a long way in creating a supportive work culture where all individuals feel valued.
Employee gifting is key year-round
Employee gifting is key year-round

The Significance Of Giving Employee Gifts

Employee gifts have become a widely embraced practice in today's corporate world, going beyond the token of appreciation they might initially seem. At their core, these thoughtful tokens demonstrate an employer's acknowledgment and recognition of their staff's hard work, dedication, and contributions to the company's growth.

The positive effects of giving employee gifts cannot be understated. Research has consistently shown that acknowledging employees with tangible rewards leads to higher job satisfaction rates and increased loyalty towards the company.

Additionally, these gestures can enhance productivity levels as motivated workers perform more efficiently and effectively in their roles.

In essence, providing great gifts for employees not only showcases gratitude but also serves as an investment which strengthens relationships between staff members and management alike.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Gifts For Employees

Consider your budget, the occasion and timing, as well as the employee's preferences and cultural sensitivity.

1) Budget

Allocating a budget for employee gifts is an essential step in the process of showcasing your appreciation. By determining the amount you are willing to spend, you can narrow down the choices and select gifts that will leave a significant impact without breaking the bank.

For example, if your budget for each gift is $50, consider personalised items such as branded desk accessories or a unique gift basket full of gourmet treats made by local businesses. On the other hand, if you have more flexibility with funds, explore options like high-quality gadgets or memorable team-building experiences which will further strengthen bonds within your organisation.

2) Employee Preferences And Interests

Understanding the preferences and interests of your employees is vital in selecting the perfect gift. By considering their hobbies, passions, or unique traits, you can provide a thoughtful present that resonates with them on a personal level.

For instance, if an employee enjoys reading mystery novels, gifting them a bestselling thriller book would be much appreciated. Similarly, offering gourmet gift hampers to food enthusiasts or providing trendy gadget charging stations for tech-savvy staff members will leave lasting impressions.

Remember to strike a balance between practicality and personalisation while keeping in mind various employee interests across different departments and teams.

3) Cultural Sensitivity

It's important to consider cultural sensitivity when selecting gifts for your employees. Different cultures may have varying attitudes towards gift-giving, and some items may not be appropriate or appreciated by certain individuals or groups.

For example, alcohol-related gifts may not be suitable for those who do not drink due to religious or personal reasons.

When considering the cultural backgrounds of your employees, it's also essential to ensure that the gifts are inclusive and respectful of diverse beliefs and traditions. To avoid unintentional offence, incorporate a variety of options that cater to different preferences and interests.

4) Occasion And Timing

Choosing the right occasion and timing to give employee gifts is crucial in making them feel valued and appreciated. Special occasions such as work anniversaries, birthdays, or during the holiday season are great opportunities to show your appreciation.

For example, if an employee just completed a major project or exceeded their goals, that would be an excellent time to recognise their achievements with a thoughtful gift.

Similarly, presenting gifts during a company event can help build team morale and encourage a positive workplace culture.

Employee opening their gift box

Top Gift Ideas For Employees

Consider giving personalised gifts, technology gadgets, health and wellness items, desk accessories, food and beverage gifts, team-building experiences, art and home decor or books and subscriptions as great gift options for employees.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised Gifts are a great way to show appreciation for your employees. These fun gifts can range from personalised pens with the company logo to custom-made desk nameplates, and they make the employee feel special and valued.

Personalised gifts can also be tailored to suit an employee's individual preferences or interests, such as a mug with their favourite sports team logo or a tote bag with their initials on it.

This personal touch adds meaning and thoughtfulness to the gift, making it more meaningful gift memorable and appreciated by the receiver.

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Technology Gadgets

Technology gadgets are a great gift idea for employees who love to stay up to date with the latest technology trends. These can include items such as wireless chargers, noise-cancelling headphones, or even a smartwatch.

One example of how technology gadgets have been used successfully as employee gifts was at an IT company where employees received personalised mouse pads with their names and job titles printed on them.

Another great option could be providing digital photo frames loaded with memorable pictures from work events and team-building activities that they've participated in throughout the year.

Tech items make a great employee gift

Health And Wellness Items

Another great gift idea for employees is health and wellness items. With the pandemic highlighting the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, it's important to provide your staff with tools to prioritise their health.

Some popular options include fitness trackers, yoga mats, essential oil diffusers, or healthy snack boxes.

One anecdote is an employee who was struggling with stress at work received a meditation app subscription as a gift from their boss. This simple yet thoughtful gesture helped them manage their stress better and ultimately led to improved performance at work.

Blue hand sanitiser pump bottle and mask

Desk Accessories

Desk accessories are practical gifts that employees can use every day. From stylish desk organisers, custom memo pads and sticky notes to electronic gadgets such as phone chargers and smartwatch stands, there are plenty of options available.

A popular choice is the customisable desk drawer organiser, which helps keep an employee's workspace neat and tidy while adding a personal touch to their office setup. Another great option is a wireless charging pad that allows employees to power up their devices without having to deal with pesky cords.

Food And Beverage Gifts

Food and beverage gifts are always a hit with employees. Who doesn't love receiving delicious treats or gourmet goodies? From artisanal chocolates to gourmet coffee blends, there are many food and drink options that can make delightful employee gifts.

For the health-conscious worker, consider organic snack boxes or exotic tea blends. For those with a sweet tooth, options include high-quality sweets from regional chocolatiers or indulgent dessert hampers filled with cakes, cookies, and other tasty treats.

No matter what occasion it is - whether it's Christmas season or not - edible gifts remain one of the most cherished presents to give your employees.

Koko Black - Chocolate Sprinkles

Team-building Experiences

Team-building experiences are an excellent way to build camaraderie and foster a positive work environment. Whether you opt for outdoor adventures or indoor activities, team building experiences help employees bond with one another while improving their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and collaborative working prowess.

For example, organising a game of laser tag is a fun and exciting way for your team to get out of the office and engage in friendly competition. Alternatively, hosting a group cooking class not only provides an opportunity to socialise but also enables participants to develop new skills that they can apply in their daily lives.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that everyone will enjoy regardless of skill level or physical ability.

Art And Home Decor

Art and home decor items can make great employee gifts, especially for those who enjoy adding a personal touch to their workspaces. A vibrant artwork or decorative piece can brighten up any dull office cubicle, making for a more inviting and motivating workspace.

Whether it's an elegant vase, a funky clock or some quirky wall art, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to gifting art and home decor items.

For example, you could opt for customised artworks featuring your company's logo or branding colours. This not only adds a professional touch but also shows your appreciation for your team members in a unique way.

Alternatively, you could purchase some trendy indoor plants or even functional home accessories like desk lamps or comfy cushions that will add personality to employees' workspaces while enhancing their productivity at the same time.

Books And Subscriptions

Books and subscriptions are great gift ideas for employees who love to read or learn new things. Depending on the employee's interests, you can choose from a wide range of genres like business, self-help, fiction, biographies and memoirs.

For example, if your new employee is interested in technology, you can get them a popular tech magazine subscription like Wired or PC Magazine. If they are into cooking or food-related stuff you could get them access to an online recipe book service like Cookpad Premium or HelloFresh.

The options here are limitless- just be sure to tailor it to each individual employee so that it feels thoughtful and personal.

The perfect gift - books

Affordable Employee Gifts To Boost Morale

Showing appreciation and recognition to employees doesn't have to break the bank. Here are five affordable gifts that can boost employee morale:

  • Personalised Coffee Mugs: A simple yet thoughtful gift, custom coffee mugs with the company logo or an inspiring message can make employees feel valued and appreciated.
  • Desk Plants: Bringing a touch of greenery into the office can improve air quality and boost mood. Giving employees small desk plants is an inexpensive way to show you care about their well-being.
  • Custom Stationery: Providing employees with personalised stationery like notepads or pens adds a personal touch to their workspace. It also shows that you respect their daily work routine.
  • Stress Balls: Workplace stress is common, making stress balls a practical gift for anyone who wants to release some tension. These small gifts are easy to find and can be customised with company logos.
  • Gourmet Snacks: Offering high-quality sweets or savoury snacks in a communal area like the kitchen or break room promotes team bonding and boosts morale. Plus, who doesn't love tasty treats?

Remember, it's not always about how much money you spend on a gift, but rather the thought and effort put into it that counts. By providing thoughtful gifts that cater to employee interests, preferences, and values, you'll foster a positive work environment where everyone feels appreciated.

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A gift box full of quality, branded gifts

Gifts For Remote And Office Workers

How about a care package for your remote staff? Home office accessories such as noise-cancelling headphones, a coffee mug, or ergonomic keyboard and mouse sets are practical yet thoughtful gifts.

Home Office Accessories

Home office accessories make excellent gifts for remote workers or those who have a hybrid working arrangement. These are the individuals who spend most of their time working from home and need practical yet stylish items to keep them motivated and organised.

One great thing about gifting your employees with these essential items is that you help them create an efficient workspace at home. With a comfortable chair and an adjustable standing desk, they can achieve better posture while working long hours.

Stationary can make a great employee gift

Virtual Event Tickets

Due to the pandemic, many employees are now working remotely, so it's important to include gift ideas that can be enjoyed from home. Virtual event tickets are a great option for engaging with remote workers and keeping everyone connected.

With so many events now being held online, there's something for everyone – from virtual wine tastings and cooking classes to online team-building activities and webinars on professional development.

For example, you could surprise your team with an online escape room experience or organise a group yoga class via Zoom. Not only do these activities provide an opportunity for employees to bond with each other and have fun together, but they also encourage engagement and show that you value their wellbeing both in and out of work hours.

Self-care Packages

Self-care packages are a thoughtful and practical gift option that show employees you care about their well-being. These can include items like scented candles, bath bombs, face masks, stress balls and essential oils.

These packages don't have to be expensive either; you could create DIY self-care kits with step-by-step instructions on how to use each item effectively. Alternatively, buying pre-made care packages from companies that focus specifically on this area is another option.

A little bit of self-care goes a long way when it comes to showing your team members that they are valued both as an employee and as individuals outside of work.

Christmas Gifts

Looking for some great Christmas gift ideas for your employees? Here are a few options that will surely spread festive cheer in the workplace:

  • Personalised ornaments
  • Gourmet holiday treats
  • Desktop snow globe or mini Christmas tree
  • Fun office supplies with holiday designs
  • Bluetooth speakers or headphones
  • Portable phone chargers
  • Cozy blankets or socks
Staff Christmas gifts

Gift Box

A gift basket or box can be a great way to show your appreciation for employees.

  • Gourmet snacks, such as high-quality sweets or delicious nuts
  • A scented candle or other small home decor item
  • Personal items, like a travel-sized lotion or lip balm
  • Desk essentials, such as a notepad and pen set or stress ball
  • A portable charger or gadget charging station
  • Fresh air, such as a potted plant or mini air purifier

Offering employees the choice to customise their own gift boxes is another way to add that personal touch. Branded items with the company's logo can also make the gifts feel special.

Branded Gift Box full of gifts for employees

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a great way to show your appreciation for employees.

  • Gourmet gift boxes and hampers filled with high-quality sweets and snacks
  • Personal items such as scented candles, self-care products or coffee mugs
  • Desk essentials like a desk organiser or gadget charging station
  • Fresh air gift baskets filled with outdoor accessories like portable chargers and step by step walking instructions
  • Healthy snack selection which includes nuts, fruits or vegetables
  • Artisan food and beverage selections that can be enjoyed over the holiday season.
  • Subscription boxes tailored to their interests from wine clubs to book subscriptions.
  • Care packages of office essentials such as stress balls, office supplies and digital photo frames.
  • Team bonding gift baskets containing unique experiences or events that encourage team building.

These thoughtful and motivational gifts will show your employees how much you care about them and their happiness at work.

Premium Corporate Gifts

If you're looking to make a big impression on your employees, invest in premium corporate gifts.

  • Luxury travel accessories like leather luggage tags and passport holders
  • High-quality wireless headphones or speakers
  • Premium gourmet gift hampers filled with high-end treats and delicious snacks snacks
  • Fitness trackers or smartwatches
  • Personalised stationery sets featuring their name or initials
  • Designer bags or briefcases
  • Fine wines or liquor sets
  • Top-of-the-line tech gadgets like the latest smartphones or tablets
  • Beautifully crafted writing instruments made from precious materials such as gold, silver, and wood.
  • Exclusive experiences like tickets for a private concert, theatre show, sporting even

Corporate Gifts For Employees Under $50

If you're on a tight budget, don't worry! There are many great corporate gift options that won't break your bank. Here are some gift ideas for employees under $50:

  • Personalised notepad or stationery set
  • Desk plant or succulent
  • Coffee mug with a funny or motivational quote
  • Customised phone case or pop socket
  • High - quality socks with fun designs
  • Reusable water bottle with company logo
  • Aromatherapy candles or diffuser set
  • Desk puzzle or brain teaser game
  • Bluetooth speaker for listening to music
  • Gourmet popcorn or snack basket
  • Fitness tracker or pedometer
Wireless Charging Desk Organiser

Great Gifts For Employees Under $100

If you're on a budget but still want to show your employees some appreciation, here are 12 great employee gift ideas that won't break the bank:

  • Personalised Notebook - $10-$30
  • DIY Cocktail Kit - $20-$50
  • Bluetooth Speaker - $30-$60
  • Portable Charger - $20-$70
  • Desk Organiser - $15-$80
  • Insulated Water Bottle - $20-$40
  • Book Subscription Box - $25 per month
  • Wireless Earbuds - $30-$80
  • Coffee Maker/Tumbler Combo - $40-$70
  • Desktop Zen Garden - $20-$30
  • Comfortable Slippers - $15-$50
  • Plant Starter Kit & Pot Set - $30

DIY Gift Ideas For Employees

If you're looking for a personal and unique way to show your employees appreciation, and express gratitude, why not try making DIY gifts that they'll surely love? Here are some ideas:

  • Customised coffee mugs with their names or favourite quotes
  • Personalised photo frames with a company group picture
  • Handmade scented candles in their favourite scent
  • Mini herb gardens in cute pots for their desk
  • Homemade skin care products such as lip balms, body scrubs, and face masks
  • Succulent terrariums for their workspace
  • Home - baked cookies or brownies in festive packaging
  • Personalised desk organisers made out of wooden boxes or cardboard
  • Hand-painted plant pots with their initials or favourite colours
  • Bookmarks along with a good book you know they'll enjoy reading
  • Customised tote bags with the company logo or a personalised message
  • Handwritten thank - you cards expressing your gratitude and appreciation
  • A playlist of their favourite songs on a USB drive in a creative packaging

There are plenty of ways to get creative and show your employees how much you value them without breaking the bank. Try these DIY gift ideas as an alternative to store-bought presents.

The Importance Of Employee Recognition And Appreciation

Employee recognition and appreciation are vital components of a happy and productive workplace. When employees feel valued, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated, leading to increased productivity.

One example of effective employee recognition is personalised gifts that reflect an employee's interests outside of work. It shows effort on the part of the employer to understand their team members on a personal level beyond what they do at work.

Another way is through meaningful verbal expressions like thank-you notes that highlight specific accomplishments and how much they mean to the company.

Overall, taking time to acknowledge your team’s efforts can go a long way towards creating an enjoyable working environment where everyone feels appreciated and valued for their contributions.


What gifts should I give my employees?

Consider personalised items, technology gadgets, health and wellness items, desk accessories, food and beverage gifts, team-building experiences, art and home decor, and books and subscriptions.

What is a good gift for employee appreciation?

A thoughtful gift that shows you value their hard work such as gourmet gift hampers or office essentials like a digital photo frame or scented candle.

Should a boss give employees Christmas gifts?

It's a nice gesture to show appreciation during the holiday season but it's not mandatory.

Should I buy gifts for my employees?

It depends on your budget and company culture but giving gifts can increase remote employees' morale and motivation.

Remember to consider factors such as budget, employee preferences and interests, cultural sensitivity, occasion and timing when choosing the best gifts for your staff members. Don't forget about affordable options like self-care packages or DIY gift ideas for employees too.

What Gifts To Give Your Employees?

Choosing the perfect gift for your employees can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Start by considering their interests and preferences. Personalised gifts are an excellent way to show appreciation and make your employees feel valued.

Technology gadgets such as digital photo frames or portable chargers can also make great gifts for your tech-savvy team members. For those looking to encourage health and wellness in their employees, consider gifting fitness trackers or self-care packages with scented candles and pampering essentials.

Desk accessories such as desk organisers or gadget charging stations are also useful additions that any employee would appreciate.

Person presenting brown gift box

What Gift For Employee Appreciation?

Showing appreciation to employees is essential for their motivation and job satisfaction. When it comes to choosing the best corporate gifts for employee appreciation, the most effective gifts are those that show thoughtfulness and personalisation.

This can include personalised items such as mugs or pens with the employee's name on them, health and wellness items like fitness trackers or yoga mats, or even team-building experiences like escape rooms or sports games.

It’s also important to consider the budget available for these gifts, as well as any cultural sensitivities within the workplace.

Should Boss Give Employees Christmas Gift?

Amid the holiday season, it is common for bosses to show their appreciation for employees work, by giving Christmas gifts to employees. This gesture can boost morale, encourages employees, and foster a positive work environment.

While there are no set rules on whether or not bosses should give gifts, many organisations have made this practice part of their standard culture. However, it is important to consider cultural sensitivity and be mindful of any religious affiliations among your staff members when selecting gifts.

Additionally, budget constraints should also be taken into account as well as individual employee preferences and interests in order to make sure that the gift you choose is meaningful and enjoyable for all recipients.

Happy office workers

Should I Buy Gifts For My Employees?

Yes, buying gifts for your employees is a great way to show appreciation and can go a long way toward boosting morale. However, it's important to consider the timing and occasion of the gift-giving, as well as your employees' preferences and interests.

For example, giving gifts during the holiday season or recognising special occasions like work anniversaries or birthdays can be particularly meaningful. Additionally, consider personalising gifts based on individual hobbies or tastes - such as a coffee lover's mug or a plant enthusiast's planter - to show that extra touch of thoughtfulness.


In conclusion, giving gifts to your employees is an excellent way of showing your appreciation and gratitude for their hard work. When choosing the best gifts for your staff, consider factors like budget, employee gift preferences, cultural sensitivity and occasion or timing.

There are many great gift ideas ranging from personalised items and technology gadgets to health and wellness products or team-building experiences.

Whether you have remote employees or office workers, show them that they are valued by surprising them with thoughtful gifts like home office accessories or virtual event tickets.

Overall, never underestimate the importance of recognising and encouraging employees' hard work dedication with even simple gestures such as scented candles or office essentials.

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