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How to impress new hires: 8 ways to create a phenomenal Onboarding experience

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Daniel Freshwater
How to impress new hires: 8 ways to create a phenomenal Onboarding experience

When you hire someone new, the first day is critical. Onboarding sets the tone for future expectations and company culture. A great day onboard experience should be a seamless process that provides clarity and direction from day one - not an afterthought! Here are 8 ways to create a phenomenal onboarding experience:

1. Prepare a Welcome Letter

A welcome letter is a great way to set the stage for a person's first day. Whilst it can be sent as an email, a printed letter is great for new staff who are will work from the office.

2. Put together a Starter Booklet

The Booklet should introduce the new hire to the companies culture, run through mission statement, values and what life is like at the company. This is one of the most effective ways to embed key cultural messages throughout your organisation.

3. Put together a Welcome Box

Go one step further and add the booklet to a personalised welcome box for maximum impact. A welcome box can include a mix of branded merch and gifts, ensuring the new hire can rep the company from day one. They're also great for sharing on LinkedIn - useful to continue growing your employer brand.

4. Offer to take them out to lunch on their first day

A great way to break down initial barriers and help the new team member start to gel with the team.

5. Ensure the technology is ready

Technology is central to almost every role these days and nothing dampens first day excitement quicker than the technology not being ready. Ensure any hardware is ready, software installed and access granted (best to double check the day before!)

6. Take a tour through the office

On their first day, offer to walk your new colleague through the office, point out key areas like the bathrooms, kitchens and meeting rooms. Be sure to introduce them to other staff along the way - especially those they'll work with!

7. Information on Learning & Development Opportunities

You've spent the whole hiring process talking about how the company invests in staff, prove it on day one by providing information on learning & development opportunities available at the company.

8. A mentorship programme

Onboarding employees should not just be a one-off event, but rather the start of an ongoing relationship. Onboarding new hires at work doesn’t have to stop after their first day and it shouldn’t! Having mentorship programme for onboarding is so important as it gives them someone who can help if they need any advice or guidance and it also provides a feeling of familiarity as they will already know someone in the business.


One of the best ways to set up a new hire for success is by ensuring they have an excellent first day. A well prepared onboarding process provides you with opportunities to embed key cultural values into your business. Getting onboarding right will supercharge your cultural momentum and provide moments that can be easily shared to internal comms platforms (an employee lunch) and LinkedIn (a personalised welcome box) for all of their connections to see. If you're looking to upgrade your current onboarding program or want more information about how we can help, click here to get in touch!

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