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Creating the perfect welcome package for new employees

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Daniel Freshwater
Creating the perfect welcome package for new employees

Research shows that a smooth onboarding is critical to optimising your organisations effectiveness. Employee retention, engagement, and productivity are all things that keep human resources professionals up late at night. Whilst developing and executing strategies for existing employees is important, improving your onboarding process is often the easiest way to create change that improves all areas. A few startling statistics about onboarding:

  • A great employee onboarding plan can improve retention by 82% (source).
  • Organisations with a structured onboarding process experience 50% greater new hire retention (source).
  • Employees who complete an onboarding programme were 58% more likely to still be with the organisation after three years (source).

An Introduction to Employee Welcome Kits

A critical part of the modern onboarding process is the new employee welcome kit. Putting together an effective welcome kit instantly improves an employees opinion of a company and has several other hugely positive impacts, including:

  • Brand Exposure - Employees love sharing welcome packs on LinkedIn and people love to engage with the content. This shares your organisations company culture and employer brand you've been working so on to a whole new audience. It's difficult to find new employees in 2021, welcome kits get your company in front of more candidates.
  • Sense of Belonging - Establishing a strong company culture is something most companies strive for, and being welcomed with branded gear is a powerful way to instilling a sense of unity from day one. The fact welcome boxes are shared so often is a testament to the genuine feeling of belonging.
  • Lead Generation - Having your brand shared online also results in leads to your organisation, allowing you to positively impact the wider business with your onboarding kit efforts.

So if welcome kits are so important, what are some welcome kit ideas that will make your new hire feel great?

Example welcome package for new employees

The Basic Kit

The Basic Kit provides a simple, cost-effective way to welcome a new hire to your team. The basic kit should includes items like:

  • Office supplies - a pen, basic notepad, paperclips etc.
  • A coffee mug
  • water bottle
  • The employee handbook
  • A personalised welcome letter

To start customising The Basic Kit today, click here.

The Standard Swag

The Standard Swag balances branded company swag with personalised messaging and short-term goodies like snacks. With the Standard Swag pack employees receive:

  • Reusable Coffee Cup
  • Branded Notebooks
  • Branded Apparel (T-Shirt/Jumper/Baseball cap)
  • Healthy snacks
  • Die-cut stickers
  • A Tote bag
  • A personal welcome message
  • Other customised items

To start customising the Standard Swag Pack today, click here.

The Premium Kit

The Premium Kit is the ultimate way to make your new hire feel welcomed on their first day. A premium welcome kit is one that is personalised to display your brand and clearly represents your company values. New York marketing firm Ogilvy provides an example of a Premium Welcome kit with their entire company welcome kit built around David Ogilvy's book 'The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness'.

Premium kits should include:

  • Premium branded products (rather than your basic branded merchandise)
  • Premium snacks, such as custom branded chocolates
  • A guide welcoming them to the company and introducing the new employee to their team members
  • A handwritten welcome letter

To start customising The Premium Kit today, click here.

Welcome packs around the globe

Some organisations across the globe have put together amazing welcome kits. We'll go through a handful below to hopefully provide welcome kit ideas for your company.


Being an active brand is obvious with their new starter packs. Everything is about being active, happy and most of all, running! Brooks aims to make all their staff brand ambassadors, so an active swag kit is essential. This is a great example of how organisations can align their welcome kit to their brand.

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/lives_withpassion/

Element Three

The Element Three team put together a blog post on the importance of Welcome kits. They note how good the kits are at welcoming new people into the organisation and how it promotes the company culture and values from day one.

element three onboarding kit
Credit: https://elementthree.com/blog/5-ways-company-swag-boosts-company-culture/

Monzo Banking

The Monzo Banking team have put together a premium welcome kit to welcome new employees. Employees also get a free breakfast on their day with Monzo - another great way to onboard new staff.

Monzo Banking Welcome Kit


The Atlassian team has put together a pack they send to new hires before their first day ('preboarding'), ensuring they feel at home on their first day officially on the team.

Atlassian Welcome Kit

These sample employee welcome kits should provide a solid starting point for ideas. To help you build the ultimate new hire welcome kit, we've put together a comprehensive list of goods you can add to your kits below:

25 items to include in your welcome kits for new team members

This section provides some we ideas for welcome gifts to provide in your onboarding kits (sometimes known as induction box). The items are a wide mix of things to consider for your company, Remember that the perfect employee onboarding kit is unique and should represent your company culture.

To make this process easier, use the below list as a starting point to consider what might work for your organisation, then adapt it into something that fits your culture and goals.

1. Personalised Welcome Letter

A personalised welcome letter is a touching way to introduce your new hire and set the tone for their first impression of your company. Personalisation also works as a powerful recruitment tool, resulting in positive word-of-mouth exposure for the business.

The welcome note can even be a handwritten letter to provide a personal touch, this shows the new employee that the company cares about them as an individual.

2. Employee Induction Booklet

An employee induction booklet is a useful reference guide for a new hires first day. This booklet would normally include your company's mission statement, organisational structure etc. This booklet provides the new employee with an introduction to their new company and should outline exactly what the company stands for and how they fit in.

Employee welcome booklet template
Credit: madebysidecar.com

This provides the new hire an opportunity to understand the company they are now representing. It also reduces turnover because employees recognise that they are working for something greater than themselves which provides increased motivation and results.

The booklet should highlight key business knowledge including and nearby areas of interest, for example:

  • Long term business strategy and vision
  • Senior employees at the organisation
  • A map of their new workspace
  • Detail on their entire team
  • Local food options and coffee shops

3. Tote Bags

Totes are useful because they can be used almost anywhere, but are also often forgotten when it comes to welcome kit ideas. Consider including a high-quality custom tote in your kit for new employees, especially if you want them to remember what company they work for or carry around important things like notebooks and books.

Basic Tote Bag

The tote bag can be useful whilst the new employee moves into their new desk, or particularly if your organisation utilises hot desks.

4. Keep cup/Travel Mug

Reusable Coffee cups are a positive and eco-friendly way to introduce the new recruit. These are a frequent site in offices around the country and can easily be branded to help the new employee show off their new job.

Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Cup

A staple in welcome kits, their portable nature allows people to use them in the office in place of a coffee mug, or out and about.

5. Reusable Water Bottle

Another eco-friendly option, reusable water bottles are often underutilised in welcome kits. A reusable water bottle save tons of plastic and is a relatively cheap addition to a welcome kit. Whilst many companies overlook them, they are easily branded and allow the new hire to show off their new company.

Frank Green Reusable Water Bottle

6. Notebook

A simple notebook is an essential item to include in your onboarding kit. A new hire will always appreciate receiving a good quality, branded notebook that they can use in their new job.

Moleskine classic ruled notebook

Notebooks are useful for almost anyone and are a simple and inexpensive gift that don't take up too much space.

7. Notepad

In addition to a notebook, consider providing a notepad as part of your employee welcome kit. Notepads are useful for casual note taking and are useful during onboarding for your new employees.

Google Notebook

8. Insulated Bottle

Insulated Bottles a great for staff when out and about. Adding these to your welcome kit ideas is great for companies with an active culture.

Basic Insulated Water Bottle

9. Pen

Great for writing down welcome kit ideas! Also useful in most offices. Pens have been a staple in the office for decades and they're not disappearing anytime soon. Add a branded pen to your employee induction box and impress new hires from day one.

Basic Pen

10. T-Shirt

A company t-shirt is a great addition to your new hire welcome kit. Branded company swag is one of the best ways to make new employees feel like they're part of the company.

Google Tee Blue

11. Chocolates

There's a lot of great welcome kit ideas in this list, but most are for the long term. Why not add a short-term guilty pleasure? Chocolate almost always goes down a treat with new hires. It also gives new employees something to munch on during the long onboarding sessions to stay alert!

Koko Black Moreish Milk Chocolate

12. Die-Cut Stickers

It's great fun to receive stickers on your first day. Die-cut stickers are a cheap way for new employees to have fun with the brand.

Die-cut Stickers | StickerYeti
Credit: StickerYeti.com

13. Baseball Cap

Adding a cap to your employee welcome kit is a great way to add company swag to your employee welcome kit. Whilst most other apparel requires sizing (which can be a bit difficult to manage!) baseball caps are one size fits all and hassle free!

Basic Cap

14. Headphones

Adding headphones to your new hire welcome kit is a useful way to give the new hire something they are actually likely to use. This is a great idea for open workspaces where noise-cancelling headphones improve employee satisfaction, allowing employees to focus when required.

Bose QC35 Headphones

Headphones aren't often the first idea people have for a welcome kit, but they are one that impresses new hires when added.

15. Backpack

Employees love a backpack as it is can be used both during their commute and outside work. Backpacks are a great way for employees to transport essential items and can be branded with your logo.

Nordace Siena - Smart Backpack

16. Travel Kit

One of the best welcome kit ideas for a new employee who's likely to travel often. Add a travel kit to the employee welcome kit is great for FIFO workers and frequent travellers.

Bellroy - Travel Wallet

17. Healthy Snacks

Everyone enjoys a snack and having them available in your employee welcome kit and around your workplace creates a positive workplace experience for all employees. Snacks are a great addition to your welcome kit as new hires can enjoy them on their first day.

Branded snack package

Snacks can be colour co-ordinated to match your brand, so don't remove these from your welcome kit ideas even if you're set on branding everything!

18. Fitness gear

Fitness gear like fit bits, fitness bands, running shoes etc can be a great addition for the right companies. Please be careful with this one - for the right workplace (e.g. fitness/health brands) it's a great addition to your employee onboarding kit, for a more standard office, (e.g. a software company) it may be perceived as inappropriate. So as we've noted, make sure you consider your company!

Resistance Bands

Fitness clothes and fitness bands can also be branded, increasing your brand exposure and providing your staff with more company swag.

19. Laptop Sleeve

For staff with a Laptop,  a laptop sleeve is a great addition to your employee welcome kit. This is one of the coolest additions to any employee welcome kit and super valuable for any employee who is likely to be on the move, or travelling a lot in their line of duty.

Bellroy Laptop Sleeve - Moment
Credit: Bellroy

20. Mobile Case

Your new hires will appreciate a premium branded mobile case. A branded phone case is a good employee welcome kit idea for employees who are likely to use their phone often.

Custom iPhone Cases with Company Logo
Credit: customlogocases.com

21. Mobile Sleeve

Mobile Sleeves are handy silicone/leather pouches that can be branded and stuck to the back of smart phone cases. They're a great way of combining your phone and wallet into one package for the cashless minimalist and a worthy addition to your new employee welcome kit.

Custom Silicone Phone Wallet
Credit: ProImprint

22. Candle

Adding a handmade candle to your employee welcome packages adds a personal touch to your welcome kit. A candle can be a great addition to your packs, particularly for companies looking for a more rustic, or homely feel.

Native Botanical Oil Candle

Whilst not as corporate as most ideas in this list, don't discount a candle from your welcome kit ideas if it suits your organisations culture.

23. Seeds & Desk Pot plant

A colourful plant can add a nice touch to any new hire's desk and reinforce the idea that your company cares about the environment. It also serves as a great conversation starter with other employees in close proximity. This is a great gift for companies with a sustainability focus, or to align with companies with a growth strategy.

Ari Spider Plants, Epipremnum Aureum

A desk plant is a great addition to your employee welcome kit.

24. Hoodie

New hires love a good hoodie. Nothing makes an employee feel like they've officially joined a company more than having the branded company swag. It's both a great way to have new members feel like they're part of the team and to have your brand seen by more potential hires and customers in public.

Corporate Branded Hoodies
Credit: TPM - DTI Foundation

The hoodie is a great addition to employee onboarding kits.

25. Office Supplies

Whilst some offices are moving towards a paperless environment, all offices still need office supplies. For example Sticky notes, Notepads, Paper clips, pens, batteries etc. In many paperless offices sticky notes are frequently use for planning, so be sure to pick and choose the office supplies your put in your induction box to suit your company.

Here's several Frequently Asked Questions people have about welcome packs for new employees

What is a new employee welcome kit?

When someone joins your company, you want to welcome them with a memorable package that reflects your organisation. A welcome kit is one of the most important elements of onboarding for new hires. It lets them know they are now part of the team and reinforces their feeling of belonging in the culture.

A welcome kit can include items like t-shirts, pens, notebooks and water bottles. The kit you create should convey the culture of your organisation and instil a sense of pride and loyalty among incoming employees.

New hire welcome kits do much more than just look good, they also:

  • Teach new employees the company's values and codes of conduct
  • Increase staff satisfaction about their decision to join the company
  • Establish the connection between the new hire and their colleagues
  • Create a sense of belonging that makes them feel more comfortable at work

If you are looking for ways to motivate your staff, build brand loyalty among employees or develop a strong employer brand, create a new employee welcome kit.

What should be included in a new employee welcome package?

When creating a welcome kit, start with some branded items that can be shared. These include:

  • Water bottle
  • Coffee cup
  • Notebook and stationary
  • Pencil
  • Tote bag, or backpack for their laptop and other belongings
  • Branded apparel and accessories (such as hats and sunglasses)
  • High quality snacks or food products from local companies

The best welcome pack for new employees is customised to represent the company core values, inspiring the new employee in their first week.

How much should I expect to spend on a welcome kit?

The cost of a welcome kit depends on how much you want to spend and what you include in the package. You can find a variety of existing kits at various price points. However as a rough guide expect to spend $30-$100 on most standard kits, and more than $100 when opting for a large or premium pack.

Can new employee welcome kits be branded with company name and logo?

Yes. You can brand the welcome kit with your company name and logo.

How do I make a new employee welcome packet?

You can source the items from multiple vendors yourself, and have delivered to your office to pack and store, however we strongly recommend getting your employee welcome packages done the Impressm way.

The Impressm way

The Impressm Way - Employee Welcome Kit with Impressm

Your turn to shine

In this post we've discussed numerous employee welcome kit ideas for welcoming new employees to your company and ensuring they have a positive first day.

We also talked about how important the whole onboarding process is too inspiring employees to be as productive as they can be.


If your company is looking to onboard new employees, it’s important that their first day be a positive experience.

The induction process provides the best opportunity to embed key cultural values into your business and can provide an opportunity for you to supercharge your cultural momentum by providing shareable moments the new hire can post on LinkedIn or other social media channels.

Upgrade your Onboarding

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