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Welcome staff back to the office with these 5 gift ideas

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Jarrad Warren
Welcome staff back to the office with these 5 gift ideas

As Australia starts to emerge from the pandemic there is a constant discussion around the return to the office - when, why, how, for how many, how often and the list goes on. For some, this is an exciting opportunity to reconnect, recalibrate and get used to a new normal. For others, it's a time of immense change, fear, anxiety and trepidation with longer commutes and anxious reunions. Not to mention the office distractions!

However, it's becoming a reality that is edging closer and closer with each day that passes and while the Monday to Friday, 9-5 may be long gone, the idea of having a hybrid scenario where people are together some days and apart for others is on our doorstep. In consideration of that, one of the most common conversations we have at the moment with our customers is around office gift ideas to help welcome staff back to the office and create a transition that is as smooth as possible.

Below we've compiled five gift box ideas we've seen walking out the door to many of our customers as they welcome back their staff all over Australia. Some are fun, some are inclusive, some just get people talking but the key takeaway is that the companies doing these all have one thing in common - culture. They're doing everything they can to make this transition as easy as possible, and capitalising on the experience to make their employees lives that little bit better and their company culture that little bit more special.

So with that, the five most common welcome back gifts we're seeing companies use to welcome staff back to the office are as follows:

The staple

Everyone has received them before, everyone loves them. Just go simple with a branded box with a delightful welcome message filled with notebooks, pens, water bottles and snacks to make that first day a little bit more pleasant. It might not sound like the most fun gift, but they're popular for a reason - the items are all useful!

The SWAG Pack

What better way to say welcome back than to have your staff wearing some SWAG. You may no longer be on zoom but your customers will be, wait till they see you in an office and decked out in corporate swag. Great culture, great company, great swag. Win, win, win.

The we've missed you

Let's face it, we've missed one another through lockdown. This is the pack that says you care. Filled with a notebook, pen, Frank Green coffee cup and some tea. It's a useful, warm and thoughtful gift.

The comfy commute

One thing the pandemic did was prove to us how right we were that there had to be a better way than spending half our lives in traffic and on public transport. Make it easier. A frank green reusable coffee cup, Bellroy travel purse for those annoying cords and a moleskin notebook. It's the perfect work gift idea and gosh is it impressive! Show your staff they're worth it and they will love it.

The works

One final gift idea - Lollies, notebooks, swag, keep cups and booze. The mixing and matching of all of the above are a sure way to make sure that the first day back in the office is one to be remembered, enjoyed and appreciated. Maybe forgotten. It's a pick your own adventure.

Take things a step further and provide personalised gifts to your staff with their name printed on items, or a personalised message included. The perfect way to welcome valued employees back!

So there you have it, they're our top five welcome back gifts to give your staff returning to the office to create the perfect experience for them and help drive your company culture in the right direction along the way.

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