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Employee Gifting - The Do's and Don'ts.

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Jarrad Warren
Employee Gifting - The Do's and Don'ts.

Rewarding staff for the work they do is critical to an organisations success. Indicators show that companies whose staff feel valued have a deeper connection with their employer leading to reduced turnover, increased organisational success and significantly higher employee engagement.

However, as you start contemplating some good gift ideas to reward staff with, it's important to remember that there are some very important do’s and don’ts of employee gifting to make sure you’re doing the right thing by all of your employees collectively. This blog post aims to help you understand some of these -

Do: Make it personal

Make sure your gifts have an impact, whatever the reason you're sending them. Personalisation can either be individual or to the circumstances you're sending them for but this will ensure they have the desired impact. If it's to build an employee brand, make sure they embody your brand, if they’re to onboard new staff ensure they’re useful gifts for someone starting their journey with you.

Do: Ensure it's worthwhile

Only give gifts that people will appreciate. Too often we’ve all received something that ends up in the bottom drawer. Make sure your gifts are thoughtful and can be put to good use.

Do: Make it relevant

Gifts that help drive continued brand connection help companies connect with their employer and therefore drive deeper engagement.

Do: Give thoughtful gifts

Give meaningful gifts that demonstrate how much your employees mean to your organisation. They’ve invested in you as a manager, make sure you recognise and appreciate that accordingly.

Do: Make sure its well packaged

Delivering a brand experience that is as good as the one your customer gets is critical. By giving a branded, packaged gift, it demonstrates effort and attention to detail which will be greatly appreciated, and continues to drive brand connection.

Don't: Give inappropriate gifts

Send gifts that are appropriate for certain circumstances. Sending the wrong gift at the wrong time can have huge implications for both the individual and the company.

Don't: Ignore remote workers

Too often employees in the office have a life filled with work-perks while remote workers are only treated to 'gift vouchers' and virtual gifting experiences. Send them something physical so they can create a connection point between their virtual environment and the office.

Don't: Send cheap gifts

Always consider if the gift you’re giving is something you would like to receive. If it's cheap or worthless, it's likely to do more harm than good to your brand and reputation.

Don't: Make it impersonal

People want to feel valued by their employer and you do this by demonstrating that you care. Do this by creating individualised gifts for certain circumstances.


Done right, employee gifting can have a huge impact on an organisation's employee appreciation and enables you to reward / welcome / encourage staff on an individual level, in turn creating a deeper connection point and an organisational brand that people want to work for.

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